Embeded XmlHttpRequest IFrame

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IFrame Implementation Instructions and Documentation
Purpose: this IFrame gets around the domain-of-origin browser security barrier by changing its domain to the root domain which then allows it to communicate with parent documents in the same domain root.

Results: the IFrame will return a xmlHttpRequest xml document per the parents soap request.

Important: the paremeters below can be satisfied by implementing the ffdadmin/myjs/domainOfOriginUtility.js in the parent document
  Deploy Location: This file needs to be on a subdomain and/or port of the parent document domain. If otherwise it will not work per Domain of Origin browser xmlhttprequest restrictions.
  Requires Parent Document JS Function: soapDocCreate() which has no parameters and returns a javascript object with the following properties:
    --urlFFD: contains the url to the soap listener
    --methodFFD: the soap method name to implement
    --namesapceFFD: the soap namespace of that method
    --soapRequestXml: the well constructed soap request xml document that is usually constructed in a client side tranformation just prior to use.
  Requires Parent Document JS function: gotXml(result)
    purpose: this parent function is called by this IFrame once it returns the result soap from the server
    parameters: the 'result' parameter will contain the webservice returned soap response
    returns: the parameter is the return value of the soap service
  Requires Parent document JS function: gotTime(result)
    purpose: this is the first call by the embedded IFrame to the parent and it just ensures
    there is communication happening between the parent domain and child (IFrame) domain prior to the soap submission